Application Review

Need a final review of your application?

Maybe you have already prepared your application package, but you would like us to review it before submitting it to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Knowing that you have included all the forms, and the supporting documents will give you peace of mind. At ImmiBay Immigration, we will review your application and will send you a detailed report that will help you address mistakes or gaps in your package.

If you choose to prepare the application by yourself, we can give you a final immigration application review package and help improve your chances of success. Send us your filled out forms and your supporting documents, and we will perform a thorough verification of the whole application package to be submitted to IRCC.

Get in touch with us today to review your application!

What we will do for you?

We will perform an in-depth assessment of your application, identifying its weaknesses and potential reasons for refusal.

You will receive a detailed report listing the corrections to be made on your forms and supporting documents if required.

We will include suggestions in regard to additional documents you might want to provide to strengthen your application. Kindly contact us to get a quote for this service, as each case is different.