Federal Skilled Worker (Express Entry Points System)

Thousands receive Permanent Residence in Canada Annually through Express Entry System. The government of Canada has admitted the fact that Canada requires new immigrants to meet future labour market needs and to contribute the country’s long-term economic prosperity and growth.

You may be able to become a permanent resident under this program based on your potential to settle in Canada by the evaluation of your education, age, work experience, language proficiency among other requirements.

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Skilled Trade Program  (Express Entry Points System)

Applying for this program allows people who are qualified in a particular skilled trade become permanents residents. (Example of eligible occupations: cook, electrician, mechanic, carpenter and many others).

 Provincial Nominee Programs

These programs are designed to allow most Canadian provinces and territories to select applicants who are interested in settling in one of these regions in order to contribute to their economic advancement.

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Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry Points System)

This category will suit skilled workers who already have Canadian work experience and are interested in becoming permanent residents.


  • Planning to live outside the province of Quebec
  • One year of full-time or equivalent skilled work experience in Canada over the last three years
  • Intermediate or advanced intermediate language proficiency in English or French
  • Medical examination
Family Class Sponsorship

Under this category Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor certain family members to come to Canada. These relatives could be spouse, conjugal or common-law partner, dependent child, or other qualifying relative.

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Requirements – Sponsor:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Canada
  • Be able to support financially for the basic needs of the sponsored person(s) for a period of time.